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Introducing our comprehensive Instagram follower auditing tool

 Designed to help you identify fake followers and gain valuable insights into any influencer’s account. Our powerful influencer auditing tool offers a range of metrics to help you evaluate an Instagram account, including:

  • Detection of fake followers
  • Calculation of engagement rate
  • Analysis of popular content
  • and etc.

In addition to these features, our service also displays the influencer’s location and contact details, as well as the date the data was last updated. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date data available, It’s very easy to use, enter your profile in the box above.

Why is the follower fake detection service important?

At Binro, we believe in the importance of authenticity and transparency, which is why we conducted studies that uncovered millions of fake followers in different countries. We are committed to helping others identify fake followers and other important stats when working with Instagram creators.

This will make you run more transparent and high-quality campaigns and target the right audience; It also increases the engagement rate of your page

Fake follower percentage @khaby00
93% Real | 7% Fake

How to find fake followers?

First, our system receives a list of all followers associated with your account. Then, our powerful fake follower detection service kicks into gear, checking each and every follower individually. Our algorithm takes into consideration key factors such as the username, number of followers, engagement rate, and content to determine whether each follower is authentic or fake.

With our advanced technology, you can trust that your Instagram account will be fully optimized and equipped with only the most genuine followers. Say goodbye to fake followers and hello to a thriving, authentic Instagram community!

This will make you run more transparent and high-quality campaigns and target the right audience; It also increases the engagement rate of your page

What is a fake follower?

Fake followers are accounts that are created with the intention of appearing like real users, but are actually controlled by bots or people who use these accounts to artificially increase the number of followers of a particular account.
Fake followers can become a problem for individuals or brands that rely on social media to build their reputation and reach a larger audience. While having a large number of followers may seem desirable, fake followers have no real value and can actually be detrimental to a user’s credibility. Social media platforms are aware of this and take steps to identify and remove fake accounts, but fixing the problem completely can be difficult.

But Binro easily identifies and removes fake followers for you.

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