Target your competitor’s followers by analyzing their communications

Analyzing the followers and followings of your competitors and finding the most influential influencers



Finding the best influencers by analyzing the communication network of users


Increasing acquisition

With the correct and precise target of your competitors' audience


Decrease CAC

Decrease customer acquisition costs with targeted advertising


Personality Category

Identification of user personality categories with artificial intelligence

Hunt your competitors followers

after entering your competitor’s page in Binro, it will get all the followers of your competitor’s page and after that it will check and analyze the followers’ communication network one by one and form such a network.

After this, Binro clusters your competitor’s audience based on their interests with artificial intelligence and finds the most influential pages or influencers of each category based on their interests on the network and gives them to you.

What do you get with Binro?

Your share of competitors audience‚Äč

The amount of audience you have in common with your competitors

Interests of your target users

Know the interest and persona of your competitors’ audience and plan your strategy

The number of targetable users per page

Know the exact number of targetable users and manage your campaigns

Total number of user persona categories

The number of targetable users

The main number of user persona categories

The most effective Influencers

You will get the most effective influencers based on the category and interest of your competitors’ audience.

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Instagram Users



Users relations

Know your industry audience and acquire them

Persona and interest analysis service of social media users